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> Yup. You're bipolar:

Why not give it a try yourself ?

Surely anything's better than being wrong 100% of the time ?

michael adams



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>> >> What does the writing under the picture say Raj ? Or do you have a
>> >> defective
>> >> monitor - one of your own returns perhaps - which only shows the top
>> >> half
>> >> of the picture ? Plus a dodgy keyboard and mouse - more returns that
>> >> prevent scrolling ?
>> >>
>> >>
>> > It says Micheal is an idiot for buying second hard Tools with
>> > description
>> > as mint on E bay. As I said earlier we only know your side of story,
>> > but
>> > truth is different .
>> Yea well, we have a pretty good idea of the other side to the story which
>> seems pretty different to Michael's version eh?
> You've got a good idea about precisely zilch Humphreys.
> Nothing. Zero.
> You're fishing and you're wasting your time.
> So that's ten minutes of your life you've wasted that you'll never get
> back,

I don't know, if it helped anyone in this group see you for your true
colours then it's not wasted at all.

> For the benefit of your friend the routers in question were
> as new in their boxes. All the packaging was displayed with
> multiple pictures. The sellers all had feedback running into
> hundreds. A lot of people buy routers and get scared of the
> power as they spin round if not firmly held. A lot go straight
> back in the box. Something else to look for is rust on the
> pillars as many have sat in their box on a shelf in the garage
> for the past 15 years. The pictures say it all.

So all the things from the item I referred to that tie in identically with
what you have yourself posted here are just one hell of a co-incidence? I
don't think so (and no-ne else reading this thread will either), keep
digging your hole Mikey.

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michael adams wrote:

> I still haven't left any and won't until matey takes delivery and or I get
> the refund. As he's still hoping for a positive believe it or not. I might
> even wait until Matey begs for the feedback in email. Then he gets
> negged.

My guess is you won't leave feedback at all.
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Fran wrote:
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>> The delivery is completed once the item is left with the
>> neighbour or with the Post Office.
> Wrong. PayPal don't work that way.

I have a feeling you're wrong Fran.

In my experience, Paypal do refund when there's eveidence the item is
posted, not delivered.
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petrolcan <petrolcanSPAM(a)> wrote:

> The best bit was it took him almost a full day to realise that he had
> been rumbled.

Or possibly it was Fran whining on about how this sort of witch-hunting
was intolerable, and being put firmly in its place by Peter Parry (I
think) who reminded it that Spacker had actually done it all himself by
posting his address details on the web and *inviting everyong to look at

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