From: Willy Eckerslyke on
I won a large item that had to be collected in person, wasted a 100 mile
round trip discovering that it was a rusty POS and not "mint" as
described by the seller. I suggested that he instigate an "agreed not to
continue with the sale", I'd do my bit and he'd get his fees back, but
he never bothered.
Paypal was the only payment method he'd included, and after a week or so
I got an automatic threat of an unpaid item strike, which materialised a
few days later. At no point was there any mechanism for me to stop the
sale officially, or flag the item "not as described". Instead, I had to
wait for the strike, then appeal, which I did and and have just received

"I have removed the strike in this instance for your convenience. Rest
assured that there will be no negative effect on your account from this
Please note that we won't remove any further Unpaid Item Strikes from
your account unless you provide proof of your payment."

So they've removed the strike, but it's still going to affect how they
treat me in future. Not really removed then, is it?