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Back in December, 2006, an AOL/ Associated Press poll showed that 46
percent of Americans felt Asian automakers made superior cars, while
only 29 percent of U.S. residents preferred domestic cars and trucks.
But Toyota's recall woes and the sudden rise of Ford's popularity has
apparently conspired to turn those poll numbers on end. A new AP poll
launched in March shows that 38 percent of Americans now favor
domestic vehicles, while only 32 percent of those polled felt Asian
automakers made superior products. 15 percent of those surveyed felt
European autos were best, down two percentage points from the 2006

Ford posted the biggest gains in the survey, as 18 percent of
customers say they preferred the Blue Oval, double the nine percent
from 2006. Ford picked up nearly all of its votes from Toyota, as the
Japanese automaker went from 25 percent in 2006 to 15 percent in
March. General Motors also managed an 18 percent score, about the same
total as it did in 2006. Chrysler scored only three percent in both
surveys. Over 90 percent of car owners felt they were satisfied with
their GM, Ford, Honda or Toyota. Chrysler came in at under 90 percent.
Also interesting to note is that 56 percent of those queried say they
own at least one domestic auto, the same number as the 2006 survey.

One of the oddest outcomes of the poll came on the safety front. Even
though cars are generally considered safer now than they were in 2006,
only 51 percent of those surveyed felt Asian or domestic autos are
safe. Also bizarre was the fact that the number of people who were
willing to purchase an alternative fuel vehicle dropped from 70
percent in 2006 to 61 percent in 2010. Head over to the Detroit Free
Press for more information about the AP survey, and then feel free to
drop your fellow commenters a line about who you think builds the best
cars and trucks.
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