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On Jul 20, 5:40 pm, Nomen Nescio <nob...(a)> wrote:
> Want to waste your time waiting for slow deliveries?
> And if you complain your package might be damaged,
> opened and repackaged?
> Then use United Parcel Di_sservice, CCO Mr. David Abney;
> CEO Mr. D. Scott Davis
> Their 'tracking' service first refuses to give
> me an estimated delivery time, requiring me to sit
> around for 7-8 hours seeing if their driver will show.
> When I complain, they give me an estimated time and date
> and then fail to deliver on that date. Credit card was
> charged over a week ago.
> When I call again, their customer service says they
> have the package in my city, but they cannot give me
> a delivery date, because the 'system has not updated
> yet'.
> In the past, they have dropped packages outside my residence,
> even after they were notified to flag for signature.
> The drivers seem to run the company and they do not follow
> even their own rules. They have left 2nd delivery attempt
> notices on my door when no first attempt had ever been
> made.
> After my latest complaint the package arrived opened and repackaged
> with damage to one corner and obviously had some liquid spilled
> on the orignal package.
> Their CEO D. Scott Davis and their CCO David Abney have both changed their
> fax numbers as the are no longer answering
> their fax number OR they are using blocking software to
> drop calls from numbers they do not like (yes, my fax
> is working fine). They refuse to take customer phone calls
> either to themselves or their asistants.
> Here are the photos of the j_er_k_offs running U_P_S.
> Obviously they have risen to the level of their
> incompetence, I could make this post very long with
> all the delivery problems I have had with this stinky
> outfit.
> I am trying to persuade my supplier, another mismanaged
> company, to use FEDEX instead. My last delivery from FEDEX
> came within 24 hours of my placing an order to an out
> of state firm.
> Ignore anything below it is unrelated to the post:
> Here is just some filler for the remailers who like to censor
> and play internet god with posts. Mary had a little lamb her
> fleece was white as snow and everywhere that Mary wen the lamb was
> sure to go.

Where you been Nomen? I missed you here.

Perhaps the drug dogs were busy sniffing for hallucinating drugs.
Check with your supplier about more secure wrapping.