From: Rick on
WoolyGooly wrote:
> The washer has died, the repair is more than half the cost of a new
> equivalent-model washer. I'm pitching for a new HE washer as well as
> a new dryer on the theory that a new dryer is probably more
> energy-efficient and will in the long run help reduce the gas bill.
> Any recommendations from folks who have been appliance shopping of
> late?

You will save more on the washer - heating less water used in a front
loader - than you ever will on the drying costs. But the big question
is: How many loads a week? A family of four+ might justify the added
cost of a front loader. But if it's just the two of you you won't make
your money back on the cost of the machine vs. the energy savings before
it ends up being non repairable. And that's been the biggest lament
about the front loaders - they are more prone to failure/repair problems
than the top loaders.