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>Ed Pawlowski wrote:
>> Is the tank full or nearly so? This is a common problem with the
>> OPD tanks. If you open the valve too fast, the surge will cause
>> the float inside to restrict the opening. It is not a Weber

Does hitting it make the float go back to where it was?

>> problem, but a tank design "feature" intended to be a safety
>> device. In most cases, once you've used about 1/4 of the tank
>> the problem goes away.
>This didn't happen on the first tank that I used on this grill, but it
>is happening on the next two tanks (I'm on the third tank). And it
>doesn't seem to matter if the tank is full, 3/4 full or almost empty.
>I got the 2'nd and 3'rd tank from the same place - not the same place as
>the first tank.

Maybe you need to buy from the guy who sells defective tanks.

Safety is the curse of modernity. Like those stupid things that make
the lawnmower turn off when you let go of it. What do they think I've
driving, a locomotive. I alwasys wire the things so the mower stays
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> Smitty Two wrote:
>> What "tanks" you be talking about? The manual you linked to was for
>> a natural gas grill.
> My mistake. Here is the correct manual:
> There are many more references to a "regulator", but the most useful
> appear in the troubleshooting section on page 17:

Let us know what you find out when you call Weber. They're very helpful on
the phone.