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>> While in my local high street I was hoping to pickup an HDMI cable for my
>> new monitor.
>> Maplins wanted northwards of 30 quid for a "gold plated premium cable"
>> and around 17 quid for a standard one. I fail to see the point of
>> coughing up extra for a gold plated cable when the signal is digital.
>> What earthly difference would gold plating make to the 1s and 0s?
>> I didn't even bother visiting PC World as I didn't want to suffer a heart
>> attack :)
>> I popped by Tesco and they were doing a "premium" cable for just over
>> �20. Still overpriced IMHO.
>> So I've returned home cable-less.
>> Any recommendations as to cheaper sources for HDMI cables?

> Some have a much higher data transfer rate, if you are expecting to use
> Blu Ray @1080 you might not have enough bandwidth with a cheap one.