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>>>> Email #1: You have won eBay Item ...
>>>> Email #2: Good news. eBay item ....
>>>> Email #3: Receipt for Your Payment to ...
>>>> Email #4: Thank you for your payment. eBay item ...
>>>> Email #5: Your eBay item has been shipped.
>>>> Surely all this could be put into a single email?
>>>> Sometimes the seller might even send another email on top of this.
>>>They are automated emails sent out by Ebay's Seller Manager Pro software
>>>that the seller is using.
>> Does selling manager pro know if you're a repeat customer? Just wondered
>Dunno, I have never used it as I prefer to deal with everything & everyone
>personally - helps to avoid problems like the OP's misunderstanding. :)

I agree with Niel.

I don't want eBay to mess up my sales for me when I can mess them up
perfectly well myself.

I have a good record, but from what I've heard from others Seller
Manager doesn't