From: SS on
This may have changed ages ago, however this is my situation. I have 2
paypal accounts and have always paid with the same credit card, Now however
one of my accounts has flagged up the credit card will soon expire but when
I try to put the details in of the new card it flags up `already being used
for another account` therefore does not allow me to use it.

Is there a way around this as I dont want to start openeing up other bank
accounts etc, they are a pain as I have been using the one card for years
for the 2 accounts.

On another note how do you get around this star rating for postage
costs/delivery times etc for feedback (given to me) I have had a few idiots
clicking on postage high when in fact it has been pretty much the correct
rate for the weight of the item, noe ebay are saying to get my ratings