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>This report today is highly relevant.
>"Warning on stealthy Windows virus"
quote "Many are falling victim via booby-trapped websites that use
vulnerabilities in Microsoft's browser to install the attack code."

A good reason for using firefox then?
Mike News
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Lin Chung wrote:

> The comment in one of the reviews is right: it should be improved. It
> doesn't give you warning of the presence of the virus but just quietly
> proceeds to remove it, if there is one.


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Mike wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 13:29:42 +0000, Angus Rodgers
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> >I am beginning to be worried that I have been scammed, in some way.
> >
> >Am I worrying unnecessarily, and has it just been incompetence - on
> >my part, probably, but possibly also on the part of eBay?
> You may indeed have been scammed. Some malware intercepts requests
> addressed to interesting Web sites, such as eBay and online banks, and
> redirects the requests to a Web server operated by the fraudster.
> I'd suggest trying to contact eBay urgently to check whether the pages
> you saw and entered your credit card numbers into were genuine. If
> you can't contact them, I'd be inclined to tell the credit card
> company that the account may have been compromised. In the meantime,
> I wouldn't do any online banking from that computer.
> Mike.

Indeed. Once registered at eBay, you get loads of scam mails asking you
to update your account details, with threats that otherwise your account
will be closed down. Ignore.