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Has Edward Renner been served?
as above ... 24 Nov 2009 04:33
Is ebay being slow for you tonight?
I'm finding that when doing searches tonight that the site is really slow. Anyone else having problems? ... 22 Nov 2009 03:58
possibly worst ebay trader GADGETS-LAND
petrolcan <petrolcanSPAM(a)> wrote: Personally, I would have avoided in the first place based upon his feedback. Forty-one neutrals or negs in the last six months? Jesus, so would I. -- BMW K1100LT Ducati 750SS Honda CB400F Triumph Street Triple Suzuki TS250ER GN250 Damn, back to six bik... 21 Nov 2009 18:13
Bought something and now user is no longer registered?
I paid by Paypal, funded by my credit card, if that helps. I assume Paypal's "buyer protection program" (ha ha) will dutifully tell me they've tried to recover my funds but were unsuccessful. Can I simply do a chargeback via my credit card? ... 21 Nov 2009 09:17
Copying description text.
Why is it that people do this? Whilst doing a search today I came across a listing that had my text, word for word, from an auction that ended last week. Naturally I reported it and it's now been removed. ... 23 Nov 2009 05:17
Mike wrote: In message <e56df27d10c544aa87ef6c3999777bad(a)> at 00:34:05 on Wed, 18 Nov 2009, KEITH BOONE <keith.boone(a)> wrote AND IT REACHED THE WAREHOUSE IN BRENTWOOD ON THE 4TH DECEMBER. Why are you telling us about something that happened nearly a year ago. Are you aski... 17 Nov 2009 16:25
Quality of ebay related questions v.v.v. mediocre
What's going on? One would have imagined anyone that figured to use a newsreader/NSP account to post to a news group would know what a bleeding 'active listing' was. Or the appropriate place to ask if your flippin 'Orange email' is down. Where are these dummies coming from? ... 12 Nov 2009 18:37
Group very quiet
Just noticed that all the trolls that regularly responded to spacker/bbcradioguy posts have mysteriously gone quiet, confirming they were trolls. ... 14 Nov 2009 15:38
O/T Orange emails
Is anyone else having problems with Orange emails today? I just went to get them in Outlook Express and it started to download over 3000 emails! When I went to the Orange website, there they were in my mailbox, all marked SPAM, have had to delete them manually Observer ... 15 Nov 2009 13:28
Don't forget to pay for your ........ Thanks!
Am I alone in loathing the latest eBay e-mails? I can't believe I'm the only buyer that purchases multiple items from the same seller. ... 10 Nov 2009 10:47
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