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Lost my eBay search box ....
On the top right of every eBay page is a search box. Except on one of our PC's, where it isn't displayed anymore..... Drives me mad, and I can't recall changing any setting or whatever to make it do that. Does anyone happen to have a sugestion as to what's afoot here? It's just a standard XP box running Fir... 30 Apr 2007 14:55
IE Goes to 100% CPU on Long Ebay Pages?
In recent days, whenever I access an ebay page which is several screens long (such as a list returned from a search), Internet Explorer uses 100% CPU for about 15 seconds. Until it is finished I am unable to scroll down. This makes searching, looking at items and returning to the search list a very slow process. ... 29 Apr 2007 18:30
Problem with free car insurance on car purchase. - need phone number.
Any clues? I bought a car, seller responds to emails, and seems sane. But. My problem lies with ebay. says near the bottom that you have to have your email notifications set to HTML. My email notification is set to HTML, but for some reason they are sendi... 30 Apr 2007 03:24
Help with car purchased on eBay
Just won a car on eBay, however,after doing a HPI check, found that it's recorded as having outstanding finance. I rang the seller up and he says that all finance has been paid up. My questions are if what he says is true, what sort of document should I be asking him to provide to confirm this, and whom shoul... 27 Apr 2007 04:17
Free Postage
I won an item listed as Free Postage. On further reading that was for 'Collect in Person' and other options cost. I think that is a bit cheeky, and the auction should be listed as 'Postage:See Description'. I'm going to pay, as it was all there in the advert, I just feel the seller uses it as an underhand tr... 27 Apr 2007 18:03
non paying bidder and feedback....
I have a non paying bidder that has said they have "changed their mind" looking at thier feedback they seam to do this often, they also leave negative feedback for the sellers! Am i right in saying that if i file a non paying bidder that i can still leave feedback but they cant ? I see that on one of the fe... 15 Apr 2007 02:19
What's the max Paypal seller protection compensation ?
If I sell article X for say UKP 1,000.00 to a buyer with a confirmed Paypal address, am I completely protected from charge-backs ? The reason I ask is that once I bought a UKP 165.00 item from a high feedback seller who 'went out of business'. I got the max buyer protection pay-out of UKP 104.00 - and the rest... 12 Apr 2007 10:50
uk.people.consumers.ebay FAQ
The following link is an FAQ which attempts to summarise frequently asked questions arising in this newsgroup. If you are new here then please take a couple of minutes to read through it as you may find your question has already been covered in some detail. Many thanks to all the post... 2 Apr 2007 01:34
Bleedin' Foreigners
> And I have been trying so hard to call him a dozy frog, he's not happy about the carriage charge and seems to be under the deluded theory that Parcel Farce will ship 1.5 kilo's to him for a fiver. He's not that far out. Dear old Royal Mail will ship to France via regular Air Mail for �8.19p for small par... 30 Mar 2007 04:37
Ebay selling limits..
Just hit some kind of selling limit. ebay dont seem forthcoming with what those limits are - except they want my credit card number of course. Any more info.. A quick google seems to have a lot of info from everyone except ebay. Considering they happily draw funds from thier affiliated company PayPao , just ... 20 Mar 2007 10:08
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