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Large Heavy Item for evening Courier collection
I have a large heavy item currently on collect only that someone is asking would I consider delivery. The only option for me really is to have a courier come in the evening. Do such collection services exist? The PITA, is giving the exact weight and I don't want to underestimate it when I try and price his de... 8 Jul 2010 20:25
They'll be at it again with something else These clowns flogged fake Banksy prints on eBay, made a fortune, and escaped jail. ... 1 Jul 2010 12:18
Scream, help and panic, Vinyl collection.
On 29 June, 09:59, "Fran" <autumnac...(a)> wrote: Killfiles are your friend, especially with obsessive stalkers. Oh, the irony. ... 30 Jun 2010 05:28
Paypal Question
I have had a Paypal account for a number of years, but never used it. I ordered something from a website recently that normally uses WorldPay. Anyway throughout the transaction I was being steered to Paypal but carried on trying to avoid logging into Paypal because I had actually forgotten my password. I used m... 27 Jun 2010 11:47
Paypal refund fees ?
"Your_own_personal_Jesus>" <liftupthereceiver<nospam> wrote in message news:mn.ba6d7da6e3035cbb.54200(a) Hi, Got refunded [�54] for a mobile phone that was faulty, but, was charged almost �7 for the refund in fees from Paypal, seller told me it was new T&C's from Paypa... 23 Jun 2010 08:28
Scream, help and panic, Vinyl collection.
Ok I am used to selling my own stuff at mainly 99p and was mainly stuff that would have got chucked in the bin, however over a period I have made a fair amount. Easy come easy go with free listings it was never an issue just kept banging them on with turbo lister. Didnt make a fortune but paid my airfares for ... 1 Jul 2010 03:30
Coco Pops and milk
Just what goes on in that bowl? ... 12 Jun 2010 16:04
Safe with Paypal?
Goods not received, tried to log a dispute in Paypal as eBay have removed the transaction for some reason (Seller is still trading but has stopped responding to messages) and I get this response! "Thank you for registering your complaint about this transaction. Unfortunately, this type of transaction is not el... 13 Jun 2010 08:21
Argh. Delivery to southern Ireland gone awry
I don't know why, but deliveries to the Republic cause me more grief than any other form of international shipping, with the exception of the US, which is why I don't sell to Americans any more. Anyway, three items with a total value of over £240 sold on 21 May, paid three days later, despatched on the 26th recor... 14 Jun 2010 10:43
Have they changed their listing fees again?
I have listed 3 CDs listed to sell at 99p auction postage �1.00 self hosted pic. No additional boxes checked that I can see of Listing fee 10p Me thinks it should be free. Using turbo lister. Any thoughts? ... 5 Jun 2010 18:06
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