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>> On Sun, 31 Jan 2010 10:52:11 -0000, TMack wrote:
>>> pete wrote:
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>>>>> pete <no-one(a)> wrote:
>>>>>> For the first time in some years I was forced to give a
>>>>>> vendor a negative feedback recently. I have just tried to
>>>>>> use my Paypal account for the first time since then, to
>>>>>> buy an item and found that my paypal account has been
>>>>>> restricted, pending me providing photo-id and proof of
>>>>>> address. While is is not a problem, just an annoyance
>>>>>> is there any possibility that these two events are
>>>>>> connected, or is it just a "lucky" coincidence?
>>>>> Are you absolutely certain that you were connected to PayPal ?.
>>>>> Sounds like a phishing scam to me.
>>>> Indeed. I've also received an email to the email address I use for
>>>> PayPal (exclusively for paypal, I have 150++ addresses - each one for
>>>> a differerent purpose. Only Paypal itself and vendors who I've
>>>> sent paypal monies to have this address). No other address has
>>>> received a copy of this email.
>>> Snip!
>>> You are not alone
>> Thanks for that Tony.
>> Generally I assume that any unsolicited email which asks for information
>> is a scam until proven otherwise. This is starting to look "otherwise"
>> though I've yet to be convinced. I'll give PP a call on Monday to see
>> what they have to say for themselves.

I uploaded the information PayPal wanted, via their webserver. Passport
page including photo and a gas bill that I downloaded from the utility's
website. Phoned the helpdesk and spoke to a lady who de-restricted my
account while I was on the line.

On Sun, 31 Jan 2010 22:51:29 -0000, IanT wrote:
> What a total idiot you are - you have been told it is a scam. A phishing
> attempt. Why would you still refuse to believe this? Why bother asking
> in a newsg .........

Oh yes, IanT: I'm so glad I'm not you.