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>>>>I am looking for an itouch at a good price. Can anyone help me please
>>>>with the best place to buy?
>>>> Thanks
>>> Just been to 02, they have them in stock. Tried to pay with my Visa
>>> Electron, no chance, sorry we dont take Electron. OK, no problem I said,
>>> I will go to the ATM and get you the cash. Sorry we dont take cash
>>> either she said. OMG !!!
>>> Apparently she said Apple have said to buy an iPhone you must pay by
>>> Switch or Visa, not electron or cash. Hey it comes a time when cash isnt
>>> even good enough. I know my credit rating is bad but i thought I would
>>> be able to pay with cash.
>> Ridiculous but true, the full list of what they will accept is:
>> a) Switch/Maestro
>> b) Solo (with Switch option)
>> c) Visa
>> d) MasterCard
>> e) Delta
>> f) American Express.
> I always thought Visa and Visa Electron worked on the same system. If they
> take one they should be able to take the other, and Electron should cost
> them less. Try saying its just a Visa card.
> Z

I remember working in hotels that we wouldn't accept Visa Electron for
payment (the always had a flat surface instead of "ridged" letters. Even
with electronic machines we could retroactively make a charge as we could
Visa or MasterCard.