From: Ohioguy on
He will try to bargain for 5-6 pepper seeds through the mail and blow
$150 on a Windows XP that won't validate and so forth.

I try to bargain on EVERYTHING. If you don't try, you always end up
paying retail. Yes, I have been involved in trading seeds online. Many
times, I have helped out people who want seeds I have, and I've avoided
having to pay for new seeds myself. It's called the barter system.

Regarding the Windows XP, it actually didn't NEED to validate. It
was evidently a corporate version of XP Professional that was meant to
be installed on many computers. I bought it for an amount that I
thought was legit, but it turned out to be a pirate copy. Tried to get
a refund, but the guys who sold it to me were long gone. It actually
worked out fine, though - I often upgrade my hardware, and my
understanding is that a regular copy of Windows XP will assume you
backed it up and installed it on a new PC if too many changes are made.
I avoided all of that, since the XP Pro didn't care. Plus, when I
preordered Windows 7 upgrade for $53 shipped at Best Buy recently, it
didn't care that my old XP Pro wasn't legit - it allowed me to do a full
install of Windows 7 Home Premium.

> At times he purports to be somewhat computer savvy and
Well, at one time I did have a pretty good understanding of DOS and
Windows '95. I even got my CompTIA A+ certificate as part of my tech
support job at Systemax. However, things keep changing, and it is
difficult to keep up with all of the changes all the time.

>then he reveals a tremendous lack of knowledge of his own computer.
Revealing a lack of knowledge is how people learn - by asking
questions. The alternative would be acting like a know-it-all, and
rarely learning. I prefer the former.

>He changes names on the various groups, but mistakenly left his
>complete name and address in one place.
Actually, I've gone by OhioGuy for several years, and intend to keep
doing so. When I initially changed ISP's a while back, I may have
posted a couple of times with another one, but I can't really remember.
Anyway, I used to simply use my email address, but I started getting
WAY too much spam. Yes, I did post my whole name and address at one
point, but that will be out of date in about 6 weeks, after we move.
All I can say is that for a minute, I regressed to an earlier age, when
I wasn't worried about spammers & such.

> saying someone told him that in a nuclear attack, the electronics on
>that old van would still somehow function.

interesting read here:
"In the old Dark Angel television series, an EMP attack is supposed to
have occurred on June 1, 2009, and the vehicles appear to be mostly
pre-1980 and post-2009 models. There is a good reason for this. Many
conventional gasoline vehicles produced since around 1980 may not
function after an EMP attack due to their dependence upon electronics.
This would obviously produce a huge problem for the United States after
an EMP attack. Merely moving disabled vehicles off the road would be a
major undertaking. Disabled traffic lights would add to the traffic

Now, granted, I don't know for CERTAIN that this thing would still
run - it depends a lot on where the warheads strike. For example, if
they strike close, the van and I would be vaporized, so no, the van
wouldn't run. However, my argument was mostly from the standpoint that
the van is much simpler and more durable than most of today's vehicles.
Since it was put together in 1968, it has no computer chips or small
electronics that it depends on. Many things that are done electrically
in newer vehicles, such as the windows and locks, are done manually on
the van.
From: Ohioguy on
>I went to ecost and they had 500+ cameras at $100 or less and not a
>single one of them showed out of stock. How did OG even find one out
>of stock, much less pick that over hundreds others?

Sure, they have PLENTY of cheap cameras, but I wanted the same thing
that we had previously. I use the camera to take photos to go along
with the articles I submit to magazines, and often I get paid an extra
$50-$100 if I include photos they can use along with the article.

However, I can't just use any cheap camera. Most of the sub-$100
cameras I see don't have anything close to the 10x optical zoom that
lets me get decent photos of things that don't happen to be very close
to me. The Fujifilm Finepix S700 is one of the less expensive cameras
I've found that offers what I need. Most of what I need is a good
optical zoom. However, I'm also used to the intuitive controls on the
S700 after using it for more than a year, so it is worth it for me to
try to find a refurb unit that I can get an extended warranty on. The
fact that the entire zoom apparatus is enclosed on this camera is also a
big plus, because I can use filters and other lenses, much like a more
expensive SLR camera.

From: Al on
On Nov 7, 11:21 am, Ohioguy <n...(a)> wrote:
> >Have you contacted them?
> >Have they separately reinstated the camera order? Did you request that
> Yes, I contacted them at the appropriate email address about my
> issue. I explained that, without a camera, I have no use for the card.
> After 3 days, I have heard nothing back other than the automated email
> they send out to let you know they got your email...

Their terms say that they have 30 days to complete an order so three
days is not sufficient.
They also say they do not guarantee that items will be in stock. If
they don't fix it, I agree you got screwed and should cancel the
charge on your credit card.

I appreciate your coming back with answers to all the questions and
comments. Many people don't have the gumption to do that.