From: Mark Dixon on
> They state one collection and one delivery attempt otherwise extra
> charges will be the result.
> Do they really only attempt once and charge if they try again, who pays
> for the re-try.
> That's what's put me off these before.

That's what I was worried with as well so I asked them (and the DHL man who
came and picked up my parcels).

It works the same was as Parcels2Go work, that if are not in on the day to
collected the parcel they "can" charge you for them to pick it up again, but
this very rarely happens you just email Payperdrop and they will sort it out
for the next day. (Has happened to me a couple of times).

With delivery if the person is not in they will leave a card for the person
to contact them to arrange another delivery date (or for them to pick it
up). If they fail to contact them then the parcel will find its way back to
you (just like royal mail parcels). This has never happened to me so far!

I have used them a lot and had very few problems (more problems with DHL not
finding address!)

I will recommend them 100%.