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On May 13, 11:44 pm, Logan Shaw <lshaw-use...(a)> wrote:
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> > It is placed below my apartment. Landlord does not know how to do
> > maintenance. He has a part time help for that purpose. I don't know
> > how to open, clean, tweak and service it so that it uses proper amount
> > of electricity rather than twice or thrice what it claims to use. I
> > have already reduced running it to only 10mins/day but hope it does
> > not use 10KWH/hr instead of its rated 4.5KWH/hr.
> There is no chance at all that it is using "10KWH/hr". That's because
> "10KWH/hr" is garbled, nonsense terminology. (And so is "4.5KWH/hr".
> I can't imagine that a water heater really has that as a rating.)


Thanks for the reply and my apologies for the confusion.

I intended to say its rating was "4.5KWH" but inadvertently said
"4.5KWH/hr" which was again my careless mistake.
Don caught my mistake below and understood my intent(Thanks a lot

What I was guessing here just as some devices use less/more power at
some times depending on the load there could be chances my water
heater could be pulling even more than what it should. I seem to
vaguely recall that stereos labelled as 30W use more when operating at
full volume. So, I thought that could be the case with my water

Just as someone above indicated if coils are not cleaned properly a
refrigerator could be using
more power than it normally should. So, I thought there could be a
similar issue with the water heater that it is
labelled as 4.5KWH which could be during optimal conditions but could
be using more if it is not cleaned/serviced properly.
My knowledge of electricity,energy is limited(which I am trying to
increase) and I could be wrong again.

> If you want to start thinking logically about how much energy (or how
> much power) the water heater is using, you need to understand the
> concepts involved.

I am attempting all I can to understand that. So, I posted in this
group and am grateful to all who aided me.
I understand the more I know what is consuming power I can try to
curtail that.

> Otherwise, you are just making stuff up.

My carelessness is causing confusion for which I sincerely apologize
but I am certainly not making up anything.
I will try to be more careful in future.

Thanks for your help and time.

> - Logan

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> KWH/hr means kilowatts.
> - Don Klipstein (d...(a) Hide quoted text -

Thanks Don for understanding, clarifying my intent and correcting my
I understand KWH stands for KiloWattHours and that is how energy
consumption is measured.
I appreciate your aid and time.

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On May 13, 11:34 pm, Logan Shaw <lshaw-use...(a)> wrote:
> s wrote:
> > The first KillaWatt was having issues. I saw small sparks when I
> > plugged my refrigerator
> > into it.
> Why would sparks be an issue? What else would you expect to see at
> the moment that you bring together two electrical conductors which
> are at a significantly different electrical potential (that is, voltage)?

Thanks for the reply.
Another reason for my speculation that something was wrong was one
morning suddenly
sparks started coming from my circuit beaker box. I did not anything
to provoke it
but it occured. I turned it off and had to find a electrician to fix
it. Being not knowledgable
about electricity I thought some thing might be broken(as in the case
with my circuit breaker box).
Another reason is when I plug in when my refrigerator into wall outlet
I do not see them for as long
as I saw when I plugged it in the WattMeter. Hence, I thought
something could be wrong.
Thanks for clarifying.
> The big difference in potential means that electrons want to move
> from one point to the other very badly. Since air is not a perfect
> insulator, when the conductors get close enough together, the
> electron will jump across.
> As long as that is happening, there is no issue.
> - Logan

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I finally managed to reduce my water consumption to 30 gallons/day on
weekdays and 60 on weekends by using low flow showerheads, cleaning
the flush as was told by the kind people in the group. So, my weekly
usage comes about 150(for 5 weekdays) + 120(two days of weekend) =
270/week or 1080 or approx. 1100 per month which is less than my
previous month's 2600.

Also, I cleaned the coils of refrigerator and changed gaskets as was
suggested in the group and am running the water heater for only 10mins/
day. My usage still is 4KWH per day or should be about 120KWH/per
month which is better than my previous month's 297KWH. But, the
problem here is I have to turn my heater off and on daily which could
be hazardous. Installing a timer is a option but my landlord does not
want to aid me in that.

I am working on insulation problems using caulk solutions.

I am sincerely grateful to all the people who attempted to help me
from the start to end.

Many thanks indeed to all who tried to help me fix the leaks and
reduce my wastage.

Thanks a lot.

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