From: Niel J Humphreys on
"dustie" <xxdjdustxx(a)> wrote in message
>> Get the buyer to cancel the dispute and do the partial refund from the
>> original paypal transaction.
> She refuses to do so. Says once she's done that, I won't pay her and
> she'll have no way to re-open it.

Bollocks to her then. Can you escalate it to a claim as on the balance
sellers generally always win 'significantly not as described' claims if they
say they have provided what is in the item description. Escalate it then in
30 or so days when Paypal rule in your favour & release the payment you can
do the partial refund.

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From: Niel J Humphreys on
"John Veldman" <john.nospam(a)> wrote in message
> The reason partial refunds have been stopped is due to fraud. Sellers
> were
> taking payments and then found they could refund a small amount, then take
> the balance from the account immediately.

That has not been stopped, I still am able to process partial refunds for
shipping discount when people buy multiple items from me. What the OP is
saying quite rightly is that when a transaction is in dispute then there is
no longer a partial refund option.

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From: Phil on
> > The reason partial refunds have been stopped is due to fraud.
> That has not been stopped

Ignore him, it's just the latest posting name of the Tiscali Idiot /
IanT / whatever he wants to call himself this month whilst he posts
random and deliberate misinformation in order to get his jollies.